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Mongolia is over and it’s onward to Beijing. Which means it’s time to start travel blogging again. Kinda cool that I’m going to Beijing after Mongolia, at least Khan wise!  It fits my blog title so nicely!

Here’s the new one:  Me and Kublai Khan.


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If you’re interested, I wrote a post on Mongolian libraries on my library blog.  Several weeks ago, I was able to visit the UB Public Library and talk for a few hours with one of their librarians.  Amazing guy, who really wants to bring Mongolian librarianship into the 21st century, but he has an uphill battle.

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Ex-pat Blogging

Hilarious, and too true for comfort!

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Let it Snow….

Actually, it doesn’t snow much here, unlike back in CT!   Watch how cold it is, however. This is a video of a little experiment that would never work back home!  It needs sub-zero temperatures.  Who knew what happened when you throw boiling water into the air at -20??


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Cultural Quirks

If you’ve lived online for any length of time at all, you have probably received one of those “funny English translations” emails that make the rounds.  One of my favorites, as an example,

When a passenger of the foot heave in sight, tootle the horn. Trumpet at him melodiously at first, but if he still obstacles your passage, tootle him with vigor.”

For some reason, a lot of these seem to come from Asia, so I was looking forward to finding  hilarious translation errors while I was in China.  Well, apparently because of a crackdown, there weren’t as many as I expected, but I did run across a few, both priceless.

At the hotel,  my computer plug wouldn’t fit the socket; checking the hotel brochure, I noticed they offered, “omnipotent adapters.”

Now, isn’t that great?  America is sooo behind, technologically speaking, if this is what you can get in China!   It has become a standing joke between G and me–anytime someone has a problem that seems insoluble, we call for the “omnipotent adapters”!

#2.  Guess what this is: rubber carpet of auto-walk usage.

Hint:  I was riding up to the 3rd floor of the Shanghai Carrefour when I saw the sign.

It’s one of those sliding walkways!

Finally, I saw this outside my apartment window the other day.  Temperatures are plummeting (generally around -20F at night) and people  having a hard time starting their cars.

Yesterday, a couple men hovered around a car engine, hood open.  I noticed they had placed a flaming ring burner underneath the car, hooked to a propane tank, and it was going full blast.  A few cars down, someone else was holding a lit piece of wood to their car engine!   Seriously!  I’m considering asking for reinforced windows to protect me from flying debris when the car explodes!  My friend Katherine took this picture.

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Can you take me to the Hard Rock Hotel?


Yes, in Taipa.

(blank stare)

Hard Rock….City of Dreams.


Yes, yes. Hard rock.

He starts driving, calls dispAtcher and hands me the radio.

Hard. Rock. City of dreams

Much Chinese exchanged. He turns to me and grins.

Hah dwa! ( very pleased he has communicated. I give him a blank stare)

Hah dwa. Hah dwa.
(looks at me expectantly). I finally realize he’s saying hard rock and nod enthusiastically. We both settle in for the ride,mutually satisfied!

Spent 3-4 hours wLking throughnthe REAL historical part of town…Portuguese, not faux Venetian! Will try to Add pics. I’m om the iPad, so not sure how to do that.

Will blog my epiphany when back in UB. Suffice to say, I have my ”
sea legs” back and quite enjoyed my stay in macao,never if wandering on my own!

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Shanghai pics

Here are some of my pics from the Shanghai trip.  The majority of them are on the Bund, the old colonial area where I stayed the first few days. Had wonderful early morning, pre-breakfast walk there one day. None of the tourists were out, but all the locals were there flying kites, doing Tai Chi (I think that’s what it was, at any rate) or playing badminton.  All with that wonderful Pudong backdrop.  Pretty awesome.

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